'just you and me against the world' more like 'just you and me against a wall' am i right

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Things That Give Me Anxiety.
  • being late
  • things i said five minutes ago
  • things i said five years ago
  • people touching me
  • being around a ton of people
  • being yelled at
  • wondering if people are talking about me
  • every action i do
  • and just about everything else

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Some of my favourites as photographed by Yu Tsai in his collection called 16 Expressions. These flawless people are Leonardo DiCaprio, Zoe Saldana, Daniel Radcliffe, Idris Elba, Chris Pine, Janet Jackson, Mila Kunis, and Chris Hemsworth. 

Lol DiCaprio’s is basically one expression: The 'Why Am I Here?' look.

he’s looking at himself in most of those shots like the brady bunch opening song on some shit

Happy Birthday Kourtney Mary Kardashian - April 18 1979

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